How Grants Can Help Cover Housing Costs, Education and More

The U.S. government funds thousands of grant programs for a wide variety of purposes to help residents and citizens in need. Many of these programs are designed to improve communities, provide access to education and resources, bolster security, promote healthy living, and more.

Some grant programs are meant to serve specific communities and populations, including people of color, Native Americans, veterans, and children.

While you may not always see the funds yourself, you may take advantage of local and state programs and initiatives that are funded by these grant programs.

Buy or Repair Your Home With the Help of These Grants
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The U.S. government provides housing grants to states and various cities which then give those funds to qualifying residents. Like other grants, you do not have to pay the state, city or federal government back after receiving the funds. No government funding will cover 100% of a home’s cost, no matter if you’re renting or buying.

Here are some types of housing grants you may qualify for or that may fund programs you qualify for:

1. Grants for First-Time Homeowners

First-time home buyer grants provide funds to people who are purchasing their first home and are applying for a mortgage. These grants for home buyers may fund first-time homebuyer mortgages with low-interest rates and little to no money down, help these home buyers pay for down payments or assist people with paying their mortgage payments if they fall behind or hit hard times.

These housing grant programs may have stipulations on income requirements, property type and use, property value, mortgage limit and more. You can apply for a first-time homebuyer grant through your local government or housing authority.

2. Grants that Protect Against Eviction

The Eviction Protection Grant Program supports nonprofit or local government-run legal organizations that provide legal guidance to individuals and families facing eviction. It is especially important in protecting people of color in these situations as studies show that these populations are more at risk.

So, if you seek legal advice or representation from a local nonprofit organization for eviction court proceedings, you may receive help from this grant.

3. Development Grants for Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages

This grant is specifically for building up tribal communities across the country through safe and suitable housing and economic opportunities.

Through this program, American Indian communities may fund “Single Purpose Projects” that benefit the low- and moderate-income families in these communities. It also provides “Imminent Threat Grants” that are meant to address issues of public health and safety in these communities.

4. Better Public Housing Grants

This housing grant combines private and public funds to provide low-income or underdeveloped communities in the U.S. with the funds they need to develop better public or HUD-assisted housing (like Section 8 properties). It also aims to boost economic development by creating high-quality mixed-income housing.

If you see major changes in your neighborhood to the quality of public housing and assisted or subsidized housing, then your community may be getting help from this grant program.

5. Grants for Home Repairs

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development division provides home repair loans and grants through the Section 504 Home Repair program. This program gives home repair loans to very-low-income homeowners so they can make repairs and improvements to their homes that modernize features and utilities as well as remove safety hazards.

Elderly homeowners who cannot afford to pay for these home repair loans can qualify for grants they don’t have to pay back. The requirements for this program include:

  • Own and occupy the home
  • Be unable to qualify for affordable credit with other creditors
  • Have a family income below 50% of the area’s median income
  • Be at least 62 years of age or older and not be able to afford the loan (to qualify for the grant)

You may qualify for up to $20,000 in loans, $7,500 in grants or a combined $27,500 between grants and loans.

6. Other Housing Grants

Since the government funds many, many programs, here are some other general housing grants and housing assistance programs you may qualify for:

  • Utility bill assistance grants
  • Grants for mobile homes and mobile home parks
  • Grants for new construction

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