The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant was created to help pay for the costs of higher education for students seeking to become educators themselves. TEACH grant requirements have similarities to other grant programs mentioned above. TEACH grants also have specifically different requirements related to the income and educational path of each applicant.

One similarity between the TEACH grant application process and the application process for other types of EDU grants is that it begins by completing and submitting the FAFSA form.

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Unique TEACH Grant Requirements

Applicants applying for TEACH grant funding must be enrolled in a school already participating in the TEACH grant program. Many EDU grant programs allow for certain exceptions. No exceptions are available, however, if your school is not already currently set up to receive TEACH grant funding. Additional applicant commitments and program requirements also apply.

For example, TEACH grant applicants are required to commit to specific service obligations to meet program requirements. All applicants must agree to enter the professional teaching field for a minimum of four years. All job positions taken must be full-time positions as well. All applicants must further agree to teach in areas where low-income students receive education. Finally, TEACH grant applicants must commit to teaching in high-need fields.

What is a high-need field of education? Foreign languages are considered high-need educational fields by the TEACH grant program. Special education, bilingual education, science, reading and mathematics are also considered high-need educational fields by the program. Additional fields might be recognized as high-need as well. Contact the TEACH program directly prior to applying if you feel your preferred area of specialized education services might warrant a high-need designation.

Teach Grant Amount and Additional Need-to-Know Information

What TEACH grant amount is typically funded? Up to $4,000 per year per student is awarded to those who meet program qualification requirements. TEACH grant awards funded in back-to-back years are subject to a 5.7 percent reduction, however.

Additional information is important to know. While most grant programs do not require repayment, the TEACH program might. If you do not meet all program requirements or fulfill your commitments as agreed when submitting your application, you might need to repay the funding provided through this grant. 

In fact, if you fail to keep your commitments your grant will be converted into an unsubsidized educational loan instead. It is therefore imperative you understand all terms and conditions of this program prior to applying for the TEACH grant. Additional TEACH grant terms and conditions require all applicants to have:

  • A valid U.S. Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or legal residence.
  • Proof of Selective Service registration (males 18-25 years old only).
  • Enrollment in an eligible program.
  • Satisfactory academic standing throughout schooling.
  • Verifiable financial need.

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