Grants for minority students are also available. Financial assistance for college is necessary even for non-minority students. Paying for the total costs of college outright with cash is essentially unheard of in modern times. Certain minorities have not been afforded the same opportunities as other candidates at all times. Organizations funding these types of grants are breaking through these types of barriers by providing lower-income minorities financial options to pay for the education they need.

The Gates Millennium Scholars Program is a popular minority-specific grant program proposed to help African American, Latino, Native American, Alaska Native and Asian Pacific Island students pay for the cost of school. Awarded fund amounts are determined based on the level of financial need of each qualified applicant. Tuition costs, school-related fees, books and living expenses are also all taken into consideration when determining award amounts. Prospective students pursuing careers in public health, science, library science, mathematics, computer science, education or engineering are welcome to apply.

Minority Education Grants

African American minorities are eligible to apply for the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) and Jackie Robinson Foundation grant programs. Funds from the UNCF grant program have helped create possibilities for over 8,000 new graduates every year. The Jackie Robinson Foundation grant is purposed to assist the next generation of innovators and leaders pay for the education they need to succeed.

The American Indian College Fund is open to both American Indian and Alaska Native college student candidates alike. Qualified candidates pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees at accredited schools, nonprofit schools and tribal colleges are all welcome to apply. The Bureau of Indian Affairs also facilitates a grant program for prospective Native American and Alaskan Native students.

Hispanic students also have possible grant funding options to pay for their education. The Hispanic Scholarship Consortium, Hispanic Scholarship Fund and Hispanic Heritage Youth Awards programs are all available to qualified applicants.

Are you an Asian-American minority in need of financial aid to pay for your schooling? The Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund can potentially help pay for part of your tuition costs. The US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce also awards funds to qualified Asian-American applicants.

Asian & Pacific Islander students also have grant program options. Programs such as the Higher Education Scholarship Programs and the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) award qualified applicants with money to help pay for school. Some of these scholarship amounts even range between $2,500 (one-time) and $20,000 (multi-year).